Härnö Trail should work in a committed way to reduce the environmental impact that our event cause. We love the nature as much as our participants do and want to take care of our beautiful nature in the High Coast of Sweden. It’s our responsibility to limit the environmental impact before, during and after the event.

Eco-labelled Event

The foundation Keep Sweden Tidy’s (Håll Sverige Rent) vision is a litter free Sweden. They work with several projects to prevent and counteract littering and one of them is the Environmental Award for Event. Härnö Trail is a certified eco-labelled event and has been given the Environmental Award for Event (Miljömärkt Event). That means that we fulfil several criteria regarding e.g. waste management and littering, purchases, food and drink and transports. The criteria help us reduce the environmental impacts and limit the use of resources but at the same time show the world around that we take full responsibility.

Environmental policy

Härnö Trail should be distinguished by a great environmental work that is present throughout our whole organization, from race manager to stewards and participants. We shall fulfil the criteria that the legislation and partners put on us.


In order to succeed, we shall:

  • not change the experience in the nature more than necessary, i.e. avoid negative impact
  • use energy, resources and transport effectively in order to reduce the environmental impact
  • take environmental aspects into account when choosing business partners, and strive to choose products and services with good environmental performance
  • make sure that waste is disposed of properly
  • inform everyone in the organization in environmental work
  • inform our participants about our environmental policy and strive to make it easier for them to make environmentally sound choices