Get to Härnö Trail
Welcome to Härnösand and The High Coast! You can travel to here in many ways.

Getting here

There are many ways to travel to Härnösand and Härnö Trail. Go by train, bus, plane or by car. We encourage you to travel by public transport to save the environment. You can travel by bus or train daily from Stockholm or Umeå to Härnösand. DinTur is the public transport authority in Västernorrland and you can easily search your trip from anywhere in Sweden to Härnösand on their website.


Most of you probably decide to get here by car. Härnösand is situated along the national road E4 and is easy to reach from both south and north. We encourage all to travel together. Find to the event!








The Härnö Trail-bus

Travel by public transport to Härnösand or leave the car in the city of Härnösand and go with our very own Härnö Trail-bus to the start/event arena. In that way you contribute to a more sustainable event! The bus departs 3 times from Simhallen in the morning and then every 30 minute in the afternoon. Simhallen is where the showers are located. The bus also stops at the main parking area near the start/event arena. The bus is 100% free to use! It’s a collaboration between Härnö Trail and Byberg Nordin and the bus is driven with HVO fuel!

Byberg Nordin Härnö Trail buss


Simhallen 09.20 09.40 10.00 13.45 14.15 14.45 15.15 15.45
Vårdkasen parking 13.51 14.21 14.51 15.21 15.51
Start/Event arena 09.28 09.48 10.08 13.53 14.23 14.53 15.23 15.53
Start/Event arena 13.30 14.00 14.30 15.00 15.30 16.00
Vårdkasen parking 13.31 14.01 14.31 15.01 15.31 16.01
Simhallen 13.38 14.08 14.38 15.08 15.38 16.08